K3S Pty Ltd is an Australian company providing, technology, enhancements, refurbishment for locomotive as well as rolling stock, fabrication and repairs.


K3S Pty Ltd has supplied products to major rail operators in Australia and has established partnerships with a group of companies specialising in locomotives, rolling stock, structural and railway engineering both local and overseas


This includes companies with global experience in the transfer of railway technology and provides a one-stop solution to locomotive and rolling stock problems covering all aspects of rolling stock technology.



World Tell Traders— India

International Infrastructure Engineers—India

Group Synergies:    

      Large group of specialized railway engineers

       Locomotive design specialists in rehabilitation of components and locomotives

 Supply of locomotives and components for locomotives.

       Supply of Freight Wagons and components

       Developed overseas workshops for rehabilitation  of locomotives

      Quality Assured

       Development of training programs on diesel locomotives

       Worked in over 25 countries, with access to a vast Network of over 600 reliable Vendors on the Sub Continent, many with European & American collaboration, that meet the requirements of components, assemblies & sub assemblies as also spares for Indian Railways and export packages.  

     In Australia - developed training packages, design of cement wagons, repair of Al & SS bulk hoppers,               conversion of wagons for sleeper carrying, refurbishment of tilting side-dump ballast wagons, refurbishment of 200 bogies.

Kindly visit the website www.eindiabusiness.com/new/palace-on-wheels composed for the University of Wollongong & Funded by Queensland Rail as part of their training programme.



The main workshop facility 2500 sq. m is equipped with 3 overhead cranes, Mobile Cranes, Vehicles and other supporting equipment.


  Mission Statement

“To be an effective and creative organisation that understands its customer's needs and promotes innovative and cost effective solutions for highly reliable rail operations & a reduction in the cost of rail transport”





    Max French

    General Manager                                               



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