Rehabilitated Locomotives

(Supply of 16 Cylinder Locomotives 20 to 40 years old)

ALCO locomotives are one of the most favoured rehabilitated locomotives. With an expected life-span of 20 years, performance "As Good as New", it has a proven performance in harsh, high-density traffic conditions.

Some of the services provided are:

◦Total support and Back-Up.
◦Continuous technology upgradation
◦Qualified for ISO 9000 standards.
◦Support for industry base - over 2700 vendors.
◦Assured spares for many years.

Choices of New or Rehabilitated Locomotives

Enquiries have been received from Operators to maximise economic advantages of reliable New or Rehabilitated locomotives. The information below briefly addresses and clarifies the points raised by such enquiries.

Least Expensive Option

The "Work Horse" of Indian Railways, 3300 HP Alco Loco (seen on the picture above) is a an effective, and practical solution for low cost locomotives. These Locomotives are "As Good as New", aged only about 20/45 years with an expected trouble free life span of a further 20 years. These locomotives are amenable to be retro-fitted with Microprocessors for automation if required.

Extensive testing and development along with enhancements and improvements makes these fleet of Alco Locomotives favourable over other models.

The results achieved due to R&D are enumerated here:
1.Improved Reliability
2.Increased Availability
3.Increased Power
4.Reduced Fuel Consumption (7%)
5.Reduction in specific fuel consumption by 8.43% from 166 to 152 gm/bhp-hr
6.Reduced Lube Oil Consumption (20%)
7.Reduced Thermal Loading

All of the above developments were achieved through a series of changes in design for efficiency, and with the use of improved materials. These Locos are derivatives of High Performance Turbo-Chargers, Improved Power assemblies, and Large Surge margins. Tuning of Fuel injection System and Filtration equipment, Improved Cooling System, and Improved Air-intake Filtration Systems improves Fuel Efficiency. Strengthening of Engine Block provides durability.

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